Adjusting to life with a new baby at home can be easy peasy for the rare unicorn moms in life... or if you're anything like I was when my kids were babies, you're a hot mess. The house is a mess. You haven't showered because every time you get ready to hop in the shower, your baby wants to nurse or screams bloody murder. And thank goodness for Uber Eats... Coffee delivery straight to your door is a lifesaver.

Take a moment and breathe, you gorgeous mama... I've got a little something special just for YOU!

What if I told you that I've compiled and created the ultimate guide for new mama's that will help you Survive new motherhood?

  • Learn about some of the best books to read on the market that will help you survive those first 6 weeks
  • Umbilical cord, funky colored poop, eye goop and cradle cap- how to approach these like a pro
  • Which wraps, baby swings, clothes and toys are essential versus stuff that will just take up wasted space in your closet
  • Technology that actually is worth spending your money on, apps for your phone to track breastfeeding, choosing a great camera to capture everyday moments of your baby & much much more valuable information!

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