Sweet Adair | Professional Photographer


As a professional photographer, we tend to have some amazing artists and other fellow photographers we are connected with in the industry. I am a firm believer that community with your "competition" is imperative to our growth as a community, as well as important for personal growth. Sometimes we get the opportunity to photograph our fellow creatives and capture them in our own vision... which can be a little nerve-wracking! But let me tell you... its so worth it! I had the immense pleasure of photographing a fellow photographer's newborn bub a few weeks ago.

Meet Adair.

Yes. His name is AWESOME. And so is his big sister and brothers names too! So unique and special. His mama and daddy are pretty awesome too! (Can you tell I like the word awesome?). Enjoy his video!

A huge THANK YOU to Cassandra and Tobias for driving out from Issaquah for your sweet bubs session! I am so blessed to have met and now know you guys! xoxo, Julie | The Newborn Artist