Rock Your Photoshop Skills Part IV {Build Your Biz Monday} | Puyallup Newborn Photographer

Actions. Yeah. A terrifying thing to think of if you aren't a "Action Designer". But Actions can be super simple and easy to make and use! I'll go over a super simple situation today- making an Action to embed your COPYRIGHT into your photos (makes embedding simple and only takes a few seconds). RYPSweek4

I'll be honest... most of my editing tools are pre-made actions from various designers, such as MCP Actions and Pure Photoshop Actions for Photographers. I HAVE been battling with the ever-so-frustrating of embedding my copyright into my photos for quite some time though. First I would edit in Photoshop, then export into Lightroom and run the LR copyright embedding tool. But hey... I figured something that was WAY easier (for ME at least) and I didn't have to use LR! (I am not a huge fan, but do enjoy it for slideshows... personal preference). So here we go...


Copyright Action

If you have read my previous post about Embed That Copyright!, you would know how to embed your copyright with proper wording and all. But it was always such a PIA to embed EACH AND EVERY STINKING PHOTO, one by one. Till I began to use the Batch tool, which I went over our first week of Rock your Photoshop Skills.

First, make sure you've got your copyright all set up properly.

Next, make sure your actions sidebar is NOT in button mode. Go to the bottom and click on NEW SET. Now name it.

Next you will choose NEW ACTION (I circled the button for you)

Name your new ACTION and choose a color or preset key if you want! Super easy and awesome for those who are a bit OCD about organization.

Now once you click on RECORD, it will start to record everything you do. Just make sure that red button is highlighted and RED, and you are good to go! Go up to your FILE INFO button and get that copyright embed ready! After you have verified that all the information is correct, click on OK.

Now click on the STOP button in your Actions tab. This will stop the action from recording. I'm smart, right? ;)

You have officially created your first Action. You can always go back in your action and change the wording if you choose to do so. Now run your action, just to make sure it worked! It should be pretty speedy... your welcome. ;)

You can do this with your editing tools too! Just set up your folder, and create your new actions!

See? I told ya it was SUPER EASY! Hugs to you loves.

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