ROCK your Photoshop Skills Part III {Build your Biz Monday) | Puyallup Newborn Photographer and Business Mentor

Ahh... this is one post I have been SUPER excited to share with y'all this month. LIQUIFY.

No... this tutorial is NOT geared towards the photographers who make a 300 pound woman look like she is 120 pounds. It's geared specifically to help clean up some areas our clients may feel a little self conscious about, or some arm issues that literally every woman has (even if she has arms like Sarah Jessica Parker), or maybe us as the photographers posed our client in an awkward position and a little double chin action is going on. I truly believe it is our jobs, as professional and amateur photographers, to make our clients not only look great but FEEL great about themselves! Now mind you, I specialize in BABY everything... so ask me if I clean up brand new mama with a 6 day old baby, her hips or arms or chin. You betcha I do! Know why? BECAUSE I LOVE MY CLIENTS. And I want my clients to Fall in LOVE with their pictures. They normally look like it anyways... the camera really does add poundage on some people, so why not take 10 seconds out of your editing time and make your client look and FEEL GREAT about themselves?

Here is a video for SUBTLE Liquify changes in Photoshop CS6. My advice? Learn and PLAY around with this tool. It can be very useful and a GODSEND.

Enjoy and hey... Baby Joy has been nominated for Best Portrait Photography in Western Washington (which is HUGE... considering we just moved here). We are currently holding around 5-6th place, but would LOVE LOVE LOVE if we could make it to the top 3! Your vote would mean so MUCH to me! I'll shower you with hugs and cookies next time I see you. Pinky Swear. Just click on the link and its super easy to sign in (you can sign in with your facebook, twitter, yahoo, gmail accounts with just a few clicks). THANK YOU so much for your support! We LOVE all our fans and clients so much- we wouldn't be where we are today without YOU!     CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR BABY JOY!



Liquify Tutorial from Julie Wagner on Vimeo.