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SO EXCITED to launch our new series... ROCK your Photoshop Skills! Welcome to our first installment! For the month of September, we are going to delve into making your life, as a photographer or artist, a little easier when it comes to Photoshop.

Today we are going to talk about Simplifying your Workflow. Which means learning 2 ESSENTIAL tools in Photoshop (or at least essential in my opinion)- Batch/Automate tool and Button Mode. Are you ready? Me too!


Lets start with the wonderful and ever-amazing AUTOMATE button.


Automate & Batch

I have been a photographer for a few years now and recently learned about this gem of a tool. Batch processing your photos. If you've got many photos to edit (say for instance, you are editing a family photo session), then BATCHING is for YOU my friend! If your like me, you probably use Actions. I have purchased a few key actions I use in my daily editing process (MCP Actions and Pure Photoshop Actions for Photographers are two main sources for me) and I used to literally run each action... for each photo. And let me tell ya- if you've got CS6 like I do and don't have enough RAM... you will be waiting FOREVER. Like feed your kids, bathe them, read them a story, clean their room and put them to bed kind of waiting. So first of all- upgrade your RAM. Just sayin'... NEXT, use that amazing AUTOMATE button!


1. Start by clicking on the FILE button. It will drop down, and choose AUTOMATE. Then choose BATCH.


2. Now you will see a pop up- choose your chosen action from that pop up and click OK!

Yeah. It was THAT EASY. Are you having a SMH moment too? ;)




If you look at your Photoshop Actions section, you will most likely by default see this. When you want to run an Action, you have to click on the action then move your mouse down to the PLAY button at the bottom of the Actions section. Its honestly not so incredibly tedious, but sometimes its just easier to push one button instead of 2 or 3... so here is why I love the BUTTONS tab!

1. Choose the button where I have circled (so lovely too, right? I'm not cool and don't have a Wacom Tablet yet, so this is a la mouse)- click it.

2. Once you have clicked on the button, a drop down will pop up- choose BUTTON MODE. Once you have chosen BUTTON MODE, you will see color coding on your buttons.

3. Now all you have to do is click on the button with your chosen action... and it will RUN without you having to move your mouse down to the bottom and hit that little PLAY button to get those Actions running!

How easy was THAT?

So thats it for today. Oh wait, what? You want MORE? NO. Not today. ;)

I'm just playin' with you! I am going to refocus here and give you some insight as to WHY you should ALWAYS shoot RAW. How bout that?


In the pictures below, I photographed my son yesterday down at Sunrise Beach in Gig Harbor, Washington. We went on this amazing hike and found this AH-MAZING beach! So of course, I had to take some pictures, cause what kind of photographer would I be if I didn't? We had previously left a birthday party, where I was shooting some pics. I use the Kelvin White Balance system (it's awesome... and most likely built in your DSLR already... I can do a tutorial on that if you want!). I forgot to adjust it. So my son came out looking as blue as a smurf. THANKFULLY I shoot in RAW, so I was able to make the necessary adjustments in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw, for the folks who didn't know what that meant). If I had shot in JPEG... I MIGHT have been able to fix it to a certain extent, but I wouldn't have gotten the same after-effect that I got because I shot in RAW. So... here is my embarrassing pictures as to WHY you should shoot in RAW! (AND PLEASE excuse my lack of focus on his eyes... it was pretty dark where we were at the time).


Hope you enjoyed today's installment! PLEASE feel free to ask any questions! I promise to answer them as best as I can!




***Please note- I am not affiliated with any of the companies I promote at Baby Joy Photography. I am just simply a consumer, loving on their product and giving them some lovin' back. I do not get any "kickbacks", money or goods for promoting them. That's all, folks" ***