Niche. Nitch. Neesh. Jeez. | Puyallup Newborn Photographer

Um. How the heck do you actually say NICHE? Is it Nitch? Neesh? I'm confused. SO I went to Google the word. And surely enough... it's spelled Niche, but pronounced NITCH. So here we go... this is what I want to talk about today. Rant about a bit, but more have an adult conversation (one sided of course, cause the conversation is pretty much me... talking to myself) about WHY choosing a NICHE is so important. Google defines the word Niche as- a specialized but profitable corner of the market. Also... a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. Hmm. When you read those definitions, do you think of yourself photographing or working in YOUR niche? No?


Every photographer has to start somewhere. I get it. Shoot... when I started- I photographed everything under the sun. From birth to newborns to pets to families to weddings to engagements to seniors to babies to landscape to your mom. Yup.

I swear- I literally photographed ANYONE who would hire me and pay me a measly amount of money that worked out to be less than $1 an hour for all the work I would put into the session total (including marketing, editing, shooting, etc). Yah. Less than a BUCK. Well let me just say.... The BUCK stopped here.  (Aren't my jokes just spot on tonight? Damn I crack myself up. I'm probably the only one cracking up, aren't I?). I was literally working for free. I was literally working for free. I WAS LITERALLY WORKING FOR FREE. And I was shooting mediocre work. Not great. Not horrible, but not great.

and what makes a GREAT photographer, folks? A photographer who nails it. Plain and SIMPLE. Yah yah, marketing and personality also have a huge impact, but a photographer that nails their subject (hello... not literally people. No hammer and nails are involved here)- nails "THE SHOT". Gets it spot on. Edits that photo to take it from beautiful to OMG I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS PICTURE gorgeous... THAT'S a damn good photographer. Again... personality plays a huge part along with marketing, but that's not what I'm talking about here folks.

I can guarantee you that the GREAT photographer has a niche. Yes- there are some photographers who can nail every damn subject under the sun. One who picks up a camera and every shot turns out to be gold and rainbows and unicorns flying around- the pictures are so amazeballs. But seriously- that's like 2% of Professional Photographers. SOO... if you are in that 2% (no self proclaimed 2%'ers please), then you rock. And you make rainbows and gold and unicorns look like chumps because you are so amazeballs. But if you AREN'T one of those 2%'ers... this blog is for you.


How on earth do I find MY niche?

Well... what do you like to photograph? What does your heart say when you photograph a few different types of sessions, such as weddings or babies? I'm a firm believer in listening to your heart. May sound cheesy, but hey... it's effective!

Here are a few tips to help you find YOUR niche.

  • Sit down and look at the past 2-4 years of your photography business. What sessions did you excel at? Which sessions did you LOVE? Were there any sessions that you just felt like "eh" afterwards?
  • Write down your sessions and number them from favorite to least favorite.
  • Write down your sessions in order of profit- basically the most you made to the least you made.
  • Are you seeing a trend between the sessions at all? If not... you may not have a natural niche, but need to make an educated decision to choose a niche based on your technique and sales.

Next week- we will go over some more information about niche's and WHY you need to find YOURS!


Find your niche. OWN IT. Bam. Till next week folks.

xoxo, Julie | The Newborn Artist