Shush little baby…


Shush. Shhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhhh. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. If you are a parent- new or seasoned parent… you know this sound. You know it well. You know that your sweet little baby who has the face of an angel, can sometimes scream and cry like the world is ending. And in fact… sometimes when they cry for a constant […]

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Let me re-introduce myself…


I recently asked a question on my private FB page for blog ideas for my website. I had some amazing ideas thrown my way, many in which you will see come to life on my blog over the next few months, but one answer really resonated with me… my friend told me this- “Julie, my […]

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Sweet Bub | Tacoma Newborn Photographer


I love meeting new people. Like seriously LOVE it. I always find it amazing how God likes to bring some of the most amazing people into my studio. I love hearing their stories- how they met, how lovely their wedding was, how blended families truly work and love each other strong, how my clients are […]

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Best of 2015


Every year, I love to highlight some of my FAVORITE photos of the year. This last year, 2015, was a year of change for me. I changed my business name, changed my branding, changed my studio, quit my full time job outside of my photography and went full time photographer, launched a new business coaching […]

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